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Illinois Medicaid 1115 Waiver Stakeholder Engagement

The State of Illinois has launched an effort to develop a Path to Transformation Medicaid Waiver under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services waiver authority, Section 1115 of the Social Security Act. Section 1115 waivers allow states to test new approaches in Medicaid that differ from federal program rules.  

An essential part of preparing the 1115 Waiver application is gathering input from stakeholders across Illinois. Health and Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG) is working with the Illinois Office of the Governor and Health Management Associates (HMA) to ensure that stakeholders have an opportunity to present their ideas for system transformation. A summary of the stakeholder engagement process is available here.

The draft waiver application can be found here

Illinois Medicaid 1115 Waiver Timeline

October 18, 2013             Stakeholder kick-off meeting

Oct. 18-Dec. 13, 2013     Stakeholder meetings (scheduled with Health Management Associates)

November 5, 2013           Concept paper finalized

November 14, 2013         Stakeholder Engagement Meetings (in-person and teleconference)

November 25, 2013         Stakeholder written feedback is due to HMPRG

January 8, 2014                First draft of waiver proposal made available

January 9, 2014                Stakeholder Engagement Meetings

January 10, 2014              Stakeholder Engagement Webinar

January 22, 2014              Stakeholder comments and feedback on the draft waiver application due to HMPRG

February 7, 2014              Final waiver proposal with comments posted

February 14, 2014            Public Hearing in Springfield, IL

February 20, 2014            Public Hearing in Chicago, IL

March 10, 2014                Stakeholder written testimony and comments due to HFS

March 12, 2014                State plans to submit the application for a Medicaid 1115 waiver. ***As of April 10, 2014, the waiver had not been submitted to CMS. We will continue to monitor activity on the status if the waiver and post updates as we learn of them.

Draft 1115 Waiver Application

Please see the draft waiver application here (released in January, 2014).  Health and Medicine will post a link to the final 1115 application when it becomes available.

More background information and resources:
  • The State of Illinois’ 1115 Waiver webpage
  • Summary of the Illinois Medicaid 1115 Waiver Stakeholder Engagement process
  • Slides from November 14, 2013 Stakeholder meetings
  • Concept paper for the 1115 Waiver for Illinois Medicaid
  • Slides from the January 9 stakeholder meeting and January 10 webinar
  • Recording of the January 10th Webinar. (Please Note: Due to technical difficulties at the beginning of the webinar, content pertinent to the 1115 waiver begins at about 23:45 on the webinar).
Health and Medicine is excited about this opportunity to gather input for transforming Illinois’ Medicaid system to move Illinois toward a more integrated, rational, and efficient healthcare delivery system with expanded attention to population health, public health, and home- and community-based health.

If you have questions related to the 1115 Waiver stakeholder engagement process, please email us at  For more information, see the State’s 1115 waiver page.