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Sanctuary Healthcare for All: Protecting the Rights of Immigrants and Marginalized People

On February 3rd, the Public Health Woke Coalition--of which Health and Medicine is a member--hosted a regional conference with the goal of providing the tools and networking opportunities for advancing the safety, protection, and sanctuary healthcare for marginalized groups of people within the healthcare setting. The conference focused on both health and legal issues faced in caring for immigrant and marginalized groups.

The recent New England Journal of Medicine article by David Williams & Morgan Medlock documented the pervasive and negative effects impacting the mental and physical health of marginalized communities as a result of the 2016 presidential election. They issued a call for the health care community to respond to the “postelection side effects” with advocacy, education, strengthening of community partnerships, and changes in their clinical practice. Public Health Woke is moving to address those recommendations. Click here to view the draft agenda.

Additional Event Information
  • The Public Health Woke Coalition includes:
    • Collaborative for Health Equity, Cook County
    • Commissioner Jesús García 7th District Cook County Health Task Force
    • Health & Medicine Policy Research Group
    • UIC School of Public Health, Coordinating Center for Public Health Practice
    • Illinois Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Education and Research Center
  • Thank you to our sponsors:
    • Project Brotherhood
    • Young Public Health Professionals