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The Chicago Forum for Justice in Health Policy: Giving and Receiving Care in an Unequal World

On Friday, October 7, Health & Medicine held the second forum of a two-part series on the ethics and assumptions of caregiving for older adults and people with disabilities in the U.S. context. The first event in this series was held on June 23rd and introduced the historical context of key Long-Term Care policy decisions along with current trends and perspectives within the paid and unpaid workforce.  The event provided the opportunity to take the conversation further, examining the ethics and injustices embedded in giving and receiving care within the current Long Term Care system, connecting to our current political environment, and crafting a vision for a better society. Click here to view the forum agenda.

Invited speakers and presentations:

  • John Fallon, Senior Program Manager, CSH--click here to view the presentation handout
  • Brian Grossman, Assistant Professor, UIC Disability and Human Development
  • Mike Ervin, writer and disability rights activist with ADAPT
  • Jennifer Parks, Professor of Philosophy, Loyola University of Chicago 
  • Brad Winick, Professor, UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs; Author, Planning Aging-Supportive Communities--click here to view the presentation
  • Sandy Magaña, Professor, Disability and Human Development, UIC--click here to view the presentation
  • Nancy Becker Kennedy, California In-Home Supportive Services Consumers Union

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Goals of the two-part Caregiving series:

  • To raise awareness about the hidden injustices within the Long-Term Care system that relies on mostly unpaid work by family caregivers and the woefully inadequate and insufficient workforce of paid caregivers in underfunded State Medicaid programs.
  • The lack of a robust workforce in the face of the growing demand for LTSS and community-based services obstructs the vision of a relationship-driven system that would serve justice and the public good.
  • To explore and identify the common challenges and potential solutions among aging and disability stakeholders.
  • To challenge assumptions about aging, disabilities, and caregiving.

About The Chicago Forum for Justice in Health Policy:
Each policy forum in The Chicago Forum for Justice in Health Policy series will focus on health reform efforts both in Illinois and in the Chicago area, including discussions of best practices from around the country.