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A Time for Unity: Health & Medicine’s Executive Director Margie Schaps Releases Statement on 2016 Election

Health & Medicine’s late founder Quentin D. Young always greeted me with the question “What have we done today to fight the forces of reaction?” I find myself reflecting on Quentin’s words today in the wake of an election cycle that has uncovered deep divisions in our nation and threatened to move us further away from being a country that champions social justice and health equity.

The role of advocates and “honest brokers” like Health & Medicine is more important than ever as we work across political divides to find common ground and advance solutions that ensure the health of all people in our community. Now is the time to fight harder for the issues we care about and ensure that hard won reforms--like access to health care, marriage equality, and work on climate change--are not undone. We must continue our efforts to create a world where all can truly thrive by championing racial justice, gender equality, reproductive justice, LGB/T rights, and economic justice.

We echo the calls for unity. It is by clarifying our values, rallying for the causes that are most dear to us, and coming together that we can promote change and build a more just, equitable society. As Quentin would say, you get a lot accomplished if you link arms with others in struggle.