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Health & Medicine in Crain's Chicago

An opinion piece co-authored by Health & Medicine's Executive Director Margie Schaps and Policy Analyst Wesley Epplin examining Gov. Rauner's proposed cuts to Illinois' Medicaid program was published in Crain's Chicago Business today. The article, "First, do no harm? Rauner's Medicaid budget an economic drain," explains how budget cuts will impact health care for vulnerable populations in Illinois and ultimately cost the state money: 

"In his budget proposal, Gov. Bruce Rauner recommended a $1.5 billion cut to Medicaid (the largest of the state medical programs that cover 22 percent of all Illinoisans, according to the noted analysis from Rob Paral).

For those counting, that's more than 1 in 5 Illinoisans covered by state medical programs. In the larger context of other harmful cuts to health and social services, the proposed Medicaid cuts are both irrational and shortsighted. If enacted, they would harm Illinoisans' health and negatively impact the bottom lines of the state and businesses."

Read the full article here.