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Health & Medicine Presents on Bridge Model at Hospice & Palliative Care Symposium

On Friday September 19, Program Coordinator Bonnie Ewald will present at the Illinois Hospice & Palliative Care Organization annual symposium, “Navigating the Sea of Change.” As a member of Health & Medicine’s Long Term Care team, Ewald does work around the Bridge Model, a social work-based transitional care service model launched by Health & Medicine in collaboration with several partners.

At the conference, Ewald will present with Walter Rosenberg, a member of the Bridge program management team, on “Hospice and Transitional Care – Quality Improvement and Practice Intersects.” They will discuss how transitional care programs, and the Bridge Model specifically, can work with hospice organizations to best support clients and their families. They will also focus on methods used for quality improvement in Bridge programs and strategies that hospice organizations can use for their own program quality improvement. For more on the conference, click here. You can learn more about the Bridge Model of Transitional Care here.