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The election is over...The people have spoken... The mandate for health equity has been declared.... Now there's more work to be done.

Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG)
is committed to maximizing the potential of the ACA
as we move our state toward health care access and improved health for the entire population.
But, to make it happen, we need your support.

The "Go To" Resource on Health Reform
After 31 years, we point with pride to our achievements. We are regarded as a reliable, thoughtful, bold and courageous leader in health policy across Illinois. Many of Health & Medicine's long-time organizational leaders are now in leadership positions at the local, state and national government level. They, and an expanding number of other state and local leaders, advocates, the media and academic institutions, are calling on us to become partners and provide guidance and expertise as health reform takes root in Illinois.

Look What YOU Have Helped Us Do
Here are just a few of our achievements your support has helped make possible over the past year:
  • We have worked to build the healthcare workforce for the future through the Chicago Area Health Education Center (AHEC) which provides programs to over 2,000 under-represented Chicago area high school and middle school youth to promote health careers, and the Chicago Schweitzer Fellows Program which provides service opportunities and support for aspiring health professionals who seek to help the underserved in Chicago.
  • We expanded access to hospital care in Illinois, providing policy leadership that led to legislation expanding the free care obligations of hospitals to eligible people with incomes below 200% FPL. We're now working with the Attorney General's office to make sure the rules and regulations they are developing ensure access to care.
  • We created models and systems to help seniors and people with disabilities receive the care they need, collaborating to develop an innovative, patient-centered, non-profit managed care organization that received an award from the State Medicaid agency. With partners across the state, we implemented two federally-funded projects using social workers to identify and respond to psychosocial and social service needs of older adults as they transition out of the hospital and back into their communities.
  • We helped expand health coverage in Cook County, providing forums and advocacy training on the Cook County Health and Hospitals System (CCHHS) budget and the impact of the ACA on the health care safety net. We conducted research and provided support for Illinois legislation and federal approval of a Medicaid 1115 Waiver allowing the CCHHS to enroll people in Medicaid a year before the ACA would otherwise allow.

We recently completed the important task of developing a strategic plan, to prepare us for the difficult work ahead. We brought together our board and staff to create our vision of the work that lies ahead for HMPRG. We have rededicated ourselves to the philosophical and ethical platform that led to our formation, pledged continued innovation in the program areas we now work in, and promised to remain nimble in order to work on emerging issues as they arise.

And we've thought about you, our supporters. It would not have been possible to create a body of work that has left such a significant mark on health policy in Illinois without your support. We hope that you share our pride in these many accomplishments.

Please join us again, as we work to ensure the vigilant oversight, community engagement, policy analysis, public support and thoughtful critique we will need to produce an agenda of health equity and a health system that we all can believe in. 

Give as generously as you can. And consider a monthly gift to provide us with the steady stream of income we need to continue to provide the leadership we are being asked to give.

Please accept our thanks for the respect and trust you have shown that has allowed us to come this far.

In solidarity,

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