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The Fair Care Coalition Continues to Fight for a Clear Charity Care Standard That Works for Consumers and Taxpayers

The Fair Care Coalition (FCC), a group of community organizations, policy researchers, advocates, and faith-based institutions, including Health & Medicine Policy Research Group, has been working on behalf of consumers and taxpayers to ensure access to free and discounted care, also known as "charity care" at non-profit hospitals. By law, Illinois non-profit hospitals are required to provide charity care in exchange for their tax exemptions. Many hospitals provide substantial amounts of care while others have clearly not contributed to the vast unmet healthcare needs in the state.  The Fair Care Coalition calls for the development of a legislative standard that ensures access to healthcare, equity for all hospitals, and accountability to taxpayers. View the Fair Care Coalition's Work: Press Releases and Letters to the Editor: View press coverage about charity care and non-profit hospital tax exemption on our blog. For more information, contact: Janna Stansell, MPH at 312-372-4292 ext. 25