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The Chicago Forum for Justice in Health Policy: Creating A Health Equity Agenda for Chicago’s Elections

Dec 12, 2018

What belongs on a Chicago health equity agenda? What are major barriers to health equity that our elected officials need to address? In February 2019, Chicago will hold its municipal elections, with an open election for mayor—with 21 candidates currently announced—as well as dozens of candidates vying for the 50 seats on the city council.

Join Health & Medicine for this town hall forum. Participants are invited to provide both testimony that could be included in a Chicago Health Equity Agenda and to also share challenges to health equity in need of solutions.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018
9:00am – 12:00pm
2229 S. Halsted, SEIU Healthcare IL Member Hall

Registration: Sliding scale ($15 recommended)

Online registration for this event is now closed. You may register day-of at SEIU.

In the face of the vast health inequities in Chicago, including a 17-year life expectancy gap at the highest point in 2016, the local public health community has increasingly focused on how we can advance health equity. Importantly, as the field turns to make progress on social determinants of health focus on the structural determinants of health inequities has grown, including interest in changing policies that maldistribute power, money, and resources.

What policy ideas should be considered for a health equity agenda in Chicago? What current policies and practices are inequitable? How should the city be allocating its budget differently? What are some bold ideas for advancing health equity in Chicago? In addition to those working in public health, we invite ideas and testimony from people and organizations working in other sectors that can support public health, including housing, transportation, education, and food systems.

After an opening keynote presentation from Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH, audience members will be asked to provide individual testimony on both high priority health inequities in need of solutions and ideas for advancing health equity in Chicago. Health & Medicine will use the combined testimony to write up a collected list of ideas to send to candidates running for office in Chicago’s 2019 Municipal Elections.

Join us in the creation of a health equity agenda for all Chicagoans!

Additional event details:

  • Health & Medicine Policy Research Group is committed to making policy conversations equitable and inclusive. Our sliding scale fee for forum registrations is one reflection of this commitment, as we do not want costs to hinder anyone from joining these discussions. Please select the registration amount that aligns with your or your organization’s means. Registration fees are used to help cover the costs of hosting Health & Medicine forums.
  • Contact Health & Medicine at 312-372-4292 or with any requests for sign language interpretation, accessibility concerns, and any other questions regarding this forum.