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Policy Briefs & Reports

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Trauma-Informed Approaches for Supporting Families with Opioid Misuse

This paper provides an overview of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), as well as how opioid misuse is both associated with past trauma in the home and community and correlated with increased risk of future poor health and social outcomes. It also provides practical strategies to implement a trauma-informed response that fosters resilience and supports families impacted by opioid misuse.

Widening the Lens on ACEs: The Role of Community in Trauma, Resilience, and Thriving

This report explore how the lens of community resilience can support community building initiatives and systems-level change that can prevent trauma, mitigate its impact, and interrupt its transmission from one generation to the next.

Trauma-Informed Care: Laying the Groundwork for Investment by Healthcare Systems

Intended for hospital and health sector leaders, this report provides key background information about the science behind trauma-informed care; how provider and staff knowledge about trauma can improve patient health outcomes; the economics of trauma-informed care; and new understanding of the impact of secondary trauma on provider burnout.

Trauma-Informed Care and Oral Health: Recommendations for Practitioners

This report provides background on childhood adversity and trauma; outlines their connection to oral health outcomes; and describes methods that dentists and other oral health professionals can embed in their practice, teaching, and research to promote health. This information can serve as the first step in assisting dentists in promoting trauma-informed and trauma-responsive care throughout their practices and in the oral health community at large.

Supporting the Healthcare Workforce: Understanding Burnout, Its Impacts, and What Can Be Done About It

This brief provides an overview of burnout, including its prevalence, consequences, drivers, and costs. It then delves into strategies to mitigate the impact of burnout and suggests areas for further research and policy change.

The Parent-Child Dyad in the Context of Child Development and Child Health

This brief explores current research on the importance of the parent-child dyad in child development and child health, identifies key experts, and points to program priorities to support the health of the whole child.

Policy Briefs: Health, Justice, and Education
The Collaborative is pleased to share three policy briefs on the impact of ACEs in the health, justice, and education systems including promising practices and recommended actions for change. These briefs were developed by members of the Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative—system leaders in Illinois who are working from an ACEs-informed lens to improve systems to prevent and mitigate trauma across generations.

Rooted in social justice, these briefs are a call to action to move upstream, build resiliency, and recognize how addressing inequity and trauma can improve systems while also building resiliency. Follow the links below to access the documents:

Summary Briefs:


Full Briefs: