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Health Reform and Safety Net Transformation

A Qualitative Review of Chicago’s West Suburban Safety Net: Consequences, Adaptation, and Recommendations for Future Reform (March 2018)

This study extends previous research examining the impact of the Affordable Care Act and state Medicaid expansion on the safety net. The paper analyzes how the current political context is impacting the safety net sector while also examining overall adaptations to health reform, understanding its consequences, and identifying safety net stakeholders’ policy and philanthropy recommendations for future reform. This research focused specifically on the safety net in western Cook County and eastern DuPage County, Illinois (the western suburbs of Chicago).

Tags: Health equity, Health reform,
Beyond the Clinic: A National Health Equity Review Implications for our local safety net (March 2018)

This policy and practice review of national work examines how the safety net can use this time of health reform opportunity to shift toward addressing social determinants of health, structural determinants of health inequities, and ultimately health equity.

Tags: Health equity, Health reform,
Strengthening the Safety Net After Health Reform: An Examination of the Cook County Safety Net (June 2016)

In late 2016, Health & Medicine completed new research on the Cook County Safety Net in partnership with Loyola and others to capture how state an federal health reform efforts have impacted Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), free and charitable clinics (FCCs), and hospitals in Cook County. This study was unique from others that examine the safety net in that it intentionally asked participants to discuss both the anticipated effects and the unintended consequences of health reform implementation.

Tags: ACA, Health equity, Health reform,