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Welcome to the blog for Health & Medicine. Founded in 1981, we’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that operates as an independent, freestanding center driven by a singular mission: formulating health policy, advocacy and health systems to enhance the health of the public.


Founding Board Members Lon Berkeley and Mike Gelder Share What Health & Medicine’s Working Board is All About

December 16, 2021

When Lon Berkeley and Michael Gelder were invited by founders Quentin Young and John McKnight to serve on Health & Medicine’s inaugural Board of Directors in 1981, they were simply excited to work alongside other progressive health activists to address a broad range of unmet public health issues through in-depth policy research, follow-up advocacy, and […]

Learn About Illinois Aging Together: A Statewide Movement for Aging Equity

December 14, 2021

Illinois Aging Together is a statewide movement for aging equity. A campaign of Health & Medicine Policy Research Group, Illinois Aging Together is growing support from individuals and organizations across the state and across sectors for aging equity. With collective action, we will advance these goals: Develop and advance a coordinated policy and advocacy agenda for […]

Trusted Messengers: Year 2 Learnings of Community Health Worker Pilot in Suburban Cook County

May 26, 2021

Read the Community Health Worker Pilot Year 2 Outcomes Report here! As the pilot program continues into its third year, Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (program coordinator) and Sinai Urban Health Institute (lead evaluator) recently released the pilot’s Year 2 Outcomes report. The report summarizes the learnings and outcomes of the pilot during a […]