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Webinar: Creating Healing Communities

Jun 28, 2017

On June 28th the Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative hosted a webinar on “Creating Healing Communities.” Lynn Todman, Ph.D., M.P.C. and Collaborative member Elena Quintana, Ph.D. discussed the link between the social determinants of health, wide spread trauma and emotional unrest, and inequality in Southwest Michigan.

The conversation underscored the need for basic education on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) which can lead to changes in thinking, and promote policy and practice change. Our presenters discussed a current initiative in Southwest Michigan which started with the population health department, moved through the hospital and public health department, and into the school system. This webinar, available below, is not to be missed for those creating community responses to trauma, building resilient communities, and empowering residents to be the change agents in the process.