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A Fond Farewell to Former Board Members

February 5, 2024

As we turn the page to a new chapter at Health & Medicine, we take a moment to honor and express our deepest gratitude to three remarkable board members who have recently concluded their terms: Sara Lindholm, Heather O’Donnell, and Max Clermont. Their dedication and contributions have been invaluable to our organization, and while they will be greatly missed, their impact will continue to resonate.

Sara Lindholm: Two Decades of Unwavering Commitment
Sara Lindholm’s journey with us began in 2003, during her tenure at NCBDC, where she managed the Illinois Affordable Assisted Living Initiative. Her encounter with Michael Gelder, then deputy director of the Dept. on Aging, led her to a Health & Medicine fundraiser, where winning a silent auction bid for lunch with Health & Medicine founder Quentin Young was all it took for her to be captivated by our mission. Over her 20 years on the board, Sara’s expertise and passion for developing affordable assisted living facilities have been instrumental in shaping our approach to supportive living programs and broader health policy initiatives. Her legacy is one of compassion, innovation, and unwavering dedication to public health.

Heather O’Donnell: Fifteen Years of Insightful Leadership
Heather’s time on Health & Medicine’s board began with her work to improve funding for Cook County Health and her service on the County health system’s initial independent board of directors. Her passion for improving the safety net and her expertise in healthcare and behavioral health care policy helped drive and support Health & Medicine’s public policy goals over 15 years. Heather will continue to support the organization in other ways despite her departure from the board.

Max Clermont: A Dynamic Three-Year Tenure
Max’s work with Health & Medicine began before his time on the board while he was supporting the launch of UChicago Medicine’s Trauma Center in 2018. At the time, Health & Medicine’s Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative became a trusted resource of stakeholders advancing trauma-informed care. Since joining the board, Max has been focused on cultivating the next-generation of health policy leaders and identifying ways to sustain funding and support for the community-based workforce. While his term on the board has concluded, he is looking forward to amplifying the model of Health & Medicine to communities around the country.

As we bid farewell to Sara, Heather, and Max, we are reminded of the power of committed individuals to drive change and make a lasting difference in the world of health policy and advocacy. Their collective wisdom, experience, and guidance have been a guiding light for Health & Medicine Policy Research Group, helping us navigate challenges and seize opportunities to improve public health and social justice.

To Sara, Heather, and Max – thank you for your years of service, your enduring commitment, and for being an integral part of our story. Your contributions will always be a cherished part of our organization’s history, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.