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Announcing 2024 Spring HiteHass Equity Intern Megan Hite

February 16, 2024

Health & Medicine is pleased to announce Megan Hite as the 2024 Spring Hite Hass Equity Intern.  

Megan is studying at DePaul University and is expected to graduate with a master’s in business administration and public health by May 2026. As a certified Community Health Worker, she is focusing her MPH on Community Health and will receive a Health Administration Certificate. Her primary interests include universal healthcare, preventative care, social justice, and healthcare equity. Her long-term goal is to become an executive director of a healthcare department that aligns with her interests and values.

As a certified community health worker, Megan is focused on bringing care to underserved communities and advocating for policy changes to ensure everyone’s safety. “I entered the MPH/MBA program at DePaul so I could not only delve into public health practice, but to learn about business and law to also be able to operate and run programs efficiently,” says Megan. “I am honored to be chosen as the HiteHass Equity Intern and look forward to my work with Health & Medicine’s Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative.” 

Drs. Marsie Hass and Scott Hite generously support one equity intern each spring through the HiteHass Equity Internship. Drs. Hass and Hite established the named internship in 2023 to further the work of Doctor Quentin Young by bringing more equity to healthcare. “Although there have been many initiatives to further this goal by educating and encouraging doctors to view healthcare equity as an inalienable right, the country has not yet come far enough to actualize Dr. Young’s vision,” say Drs. Hass and Hite.  “We must continue to do what we can to promote equity in both ‘Health’ and ‘Medicine.’”

Learn more about the HiteHass Equity Internship here.