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Health & Medicine Announces 2023 Policy Agenda

February 1, 2023

Each year, Health & Medicine’s policy priorities shift to adjust to the most pressing public health equity issues. We align these priorities with our core values, our mission to build power and momentum for social justice and health equity in Illinois, and our vision of a society free of social and health inequities so that all people can attain their full potential.

We are pleased to release our 2023 Policy Agenda.

Focused on Aging and Long-Term Care, Community Safety, Health Care as a Human Right, Health Workforce, Public Health Equity, Reproductive Justice, and Trauma-Informed Care and Systems, this agenda builds on our 41 years of commitment to health equity and lays out our top priorities for policy change in 2023.

For more information or questions about our policy priorities, please contact Margie Schaps, Executive Director; Gita Krishnaswamy, Deputy Director; or Wesley Epplin, Policy Director.