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Health & Medicine Launches Summer Friends Fundraising Campaign

June 1, 2022

Health & Medicine has spent the past 40 years fighting to protect and expand healthcare access and improve systems and policy so that equity is no longer a dream, but a reality.

As we enter the summer months ahead, we need your help to counteract restrictive policies and to promote ones that will lead to the just society we all deserve.

Please consider donating $150 or more to support our ongoing work. Your contribution will help us stay in the fight for health equity across our state.

Since 1981, Health & Medicine has made significant gains in the fight for social justice. In the past year alone, we celebrated these remarkable accomplishments:

  • Exposing racial disparities in maternal and child morbidity and mortality, and pushing for birth center expansion, including the emerging Chicago South Side Birth Center
  • Launching Illinois Aging Together and advocating for aging equity in Illinois
  • Reaching more than 3,700 individuals through our Schweitzer Fellows, whose direct service projects change the care paradigm by empowering marginalized communities
  • Addressing trauma and childhood adversity by promoting trauma-informed practices for healing, including honoring Illinois’ fourth annual Trauma-Informed Awareness Day on May 25th
  • Contributing to and collaborating on the Stop General Iron campaign for environmental justice and the Just Cause to Evict campaign for housing justice
  • Developing strategies for a more diverse health workforce, including advancing our Community Health Worker Pilot into a fourth year and hosting our second Annual Black Men in White Coats Youth Summit on June 4th

Donate $75 or more and receive a free Health & Medicine tote bag! Now more than ever, your gift matters.