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Staff Highlight: Matt McClintock

December 4, 2023

Health & Medicine is pleased to welcome Matt McClintock, who joined in November 2023 as the health workforce systems manager. Coming from a background in music, he has extensive youth development and community outreach experience, where he engaged young people in recruiting for after-school jazz programs, offered mentorship and guidance in college preparation, and helped design professional development and networking events for publicly employed music educators.

More recently, Matt entered the healthcare workforce as a front-line worker, gaining incredible insight into social determinants of health among patient populations and workforce issues among health employees. He hopes to synthesize what he’s learned in health and art spaces to meaningfully engage Chicago’s youth through leading the Youth Pathways Committee. Additionally, Matt is involved in convening the Public Health Workforce Collaborative.

“Joining Health and Medicine is an exciting new chapter in my career. My journey from music to healthcare has been unique, blending my passion for youth development and community outreach with a deep understanding of the social determinants of health. At Health and Medicine, I look forward to synthesizing my diverse experiences to impact Chicago’s youth positively. I‘m thrilled to contribute to improving health outcomes and nurturing the next generation of health professionals,he states. In his free time, Matt plays the drums, runs, and reads. He is most happy when he is with family.