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Staff and Committee Members

For more information about this program please contact:

Wesley Epplin
Policy Director

Brigitte Dietz
Health and Aging Policy Analyst

Alizandra Medina
Health and Aging Organizer

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Staff and Committee Members

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Jaquie Algee

Carol Aronson

Marc Blesoff, JD

Julie Bobitt, PhD

Amy Brennan, MPP

Callie Brulley

Peter Byer, MSW

Ellen Byrne, MPP

Tracey Colagrossi, MS

Theresa Collins

Brigitte Dietz, MPH*

Wesley Epplin, MPH*

Bonnie Ewald, MPP

Marla Fronczak, MSNM

Stuart Gaines, CPA/MBA

Michael Gelder

Robyn Golden, LCSW

Saskia Harak, JD

John Holton, PhD

Leslé Honoré

Miao Jenny Hua, MD, PhD

Bailey Huffman, MSW

Courtney Hughes, MS, PhD

Sue Hughes, PhD

Kim Hunt, MUPP, MPP

Elaine Jurkowski, MSW, PhD

Vincent Keenan, MSPH, CAE

Gretchen Knowlton

Winnie Lam, MSW

Margaret Laraviere

Diane Limas

Sara Lindholm

Alizandra Medina*

Rose Mabwa

Ryan McGraw, MS

Phyllis Mitzen, MSW

Darby Morhardt, PhD

Naoko Muramatsu, PhD

Rebecca Ozaki, MSW

Joy Paeth

Laura Payne, PhD

Susan Real

Margie Schaps, MPH*

Jennifer Schindl, MS

Desiree Scully, MA

Raj Shah, MD

Itadel Shelabi, MSW

Diane Slezak, MBA

Kyle Smith

Padraic Stanley, MSW, LCSW

Richard Suiarez

Tim Wang, MPH

Tom Wilson, MA

Amy Zimmerman, JD

* = Health & Medicine Staff Member