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Partners & Collaborations

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Partners & Collaborations

We are pleased to share a selection of current and recent partnerships and collaborations in which Health Equity Initiative staff participate or took on a leadership role.

  • Overview


Healthy Chicago 2.0: Health & Medicine was a key partner in the development of the community health assessment (CHA) and community health improvement plan (CHIP) phases of Healthy Chicago 2.0, which was formally launched in May 2016.  Health Equity Project staff:

  • Co-chair the Root Causes of the section of the plan and co-chaired the Community Development committee.  Both committees focus on the social determinants of health.
  • Helped ensure that the assessment and plan focused attention on the issue of racism in policing as a threat to health equity.  Continue to provide advice and assistance to CDPH on how to measure and address racism in Chicago

Partnership for Healthy Chicago: Health & Medicine is a charter member of the Partnership for Healthy Chicago (formerly known as the Chicago Partnership for Public Health) and continues to be a key member of this group, in partnership with the Chicago Department of Public Health and dozens of other public health system partners.

Chicago-Cook County Regional Equity Network: Health & Medicine is a member of this network of intersectoral researchers and advocates who discuss potential research projects, new ways to analyze data, and formation of an equity agenda in the Chicago-Cook County region.

Collaborative for Health Equity Cook County: Health & Medicine’s Director of Health Equity is a member of the Steering Committee for the Collaborative for Health Equity Cook County (CHE), an intersectoral group that informs the Cook County Department of Public Health on pursuing health equity.

Independent Cook County Health and Hospitals System Board: Health & Medicine helped lead the development of the independent Board of Directors that oversees the Cook County Health and Hospitals System.  Health & Medicine also serves on the nominating committee for the Independent Board, working to ensure that it is a strong, independent, and representative voice to lead the health system.

Illinois Department of Public Health: Health & Medicine is a long-term partner of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), helping with many state health planning and improvement efforts throughout our history.  Currently, Health & Medicine provides health workforce legislation tracking to IDPH, to inform their efforts for assuring that Illinois has the health workforce that it needs. You can see our updated legislation tracking and read more about our Health Workforce Initiative here.

Social Determinants of Health Reducing Poverty Sub-Aim Team of the Infant Mortality Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network CoIIN-Illinois: Health & Medicine staff co-chaired this group, which developed an online toolkit to help public health leaders better understand the social determinants of health and how to take action for progress, and developed a training held in June 2016.  Check out the toolkit here and the training here.