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Fellows for Life

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“The most rewarding part about being a Fellow for Life is getting to meet so many other people in related disciplines who are equally committed to working with the underserved.”
-Emily Hendel, 2003-04 Schweitzer Fellow

Fellows for Life at the 2016 Schweitzer 20th Anniversary Conference

Since 2006, the Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellows Program has provided programming for our “Fellows for Life,” alumni of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship living in the Chicago area.

Fellows for Life, Support Schweitzer!
Financial support from Fellowship alumni helps ensure the continuation of this impactful program. No gift is too small—it will help us continue to support the next generation of community engaged health leaders working to achieve health equity and sustain our Fellows for Life network program! You can give online here.

We also thank the Chicago Schweitzer Advisory Council for its generous matching gift initiative, which matched $5,000 in donations received from Fellows and Fellows for Life in 2018!

The Chicago “Fellows for Life” program aims to:

  • Further engage alumni in the ideals of Albert Schweitzer
  • Provide opportunities for networking between the alumni
  • Provide opportunities for community engagement
  • Promote leadership and professional development
  • Provide a sense of camaraderie amongst a group of like-minded individuals