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Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative

Trauma-Informed Policymaking Tool

Our Trauma-Informed Policymaking Tool outlines a policy approach to preventing and healing from trauma. The two-page Tool defines trauma-informed principles and describe their application to both the process of policymaking and its outcome.

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ACEs, Trauma, and Resilience Resources

Links to reports, videos, and research that provides introductory information about ACEs, trauma-informed care, and resilience.

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Trauma-Informed Awareness Day: Toolkit for Partners

In this toolkit, you will find some ways you and your organization can support a trauma-informed Illinois. While this toolkit was developed for Illinois' inaugural Trauma-Informed Awareness Day on Wednesday, May 15, we hope that these resources and ideas will be helpful for others in the field.

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Creating School-Health-Community Partnerships to Improve the Lives of Children

In this webinar, Andrea Ortez of Partnership for Resilience discusses how organizers, educators, and clinicians can utilize community partnerships to provide trauma-informed support to both teachers and students. Ortez addressed the early lessons of the Partnership and the types of relationships that practitioners, educators, and advocates must foster together to ensure the needs of the whole child are met.

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Trauma-Informed Care and Oral Health: Recommendations for Practitioners

Understanding the role of childhood adversity and trauma—including experiences of abuse and neglect—on outcomes can allow practitioners to implement prevention and treatment strategies that enhance the provision of oral health care. Our new report provides background on childhood adversity and trauma; outlines their connection to oral health outcomes; and describes methods that dentists and other oral health professionals can embed in their practice, teaching, and research to promote health. This information can serve as the first step in assisting dentists in promoting trauma-informed and trauma-responsive care throughout their practices and in the oral health community at large.

Tags: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES),
Widening the Lens on ACEs: The Role of Community in Trauma, Resilience, and Thriving

An increasing number of organizations, institutions, and sectors are committing to responding to trauma and adverse childhood experiences to better support the people they employ and serve. As we think about how best to promote resilience and thriving, we need to zoom out beyond the individual and consider the role of community contexts and structural forces both in contributing to trauma and promoting healing. This report explore how the lens of community resilience can support community building initiatives and systems-level change that can prevent trauma, mitigate its impact, and interrupt its transmission from one generation to the next.

Tags: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES),
Trauma-Informed Advocacy: Practical Tools for Working with Vulnerable Populations

Working at the intersection of trauma, health equity, and law, attorney Sarah Hess joins the Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative to talk about ways advocates from all disciplines can use a trauma-informed approach to help their clients thrive.

Tags: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), Webinar,
Trauma-Informed Health Departments Environmental Scan Virtual Panel Discussion

Learn how health departments across the country and in Illinois are engaging in trauma-informed work. Brenda Bannor of Millennia Consulting presenta the results of the Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative’s recent environmental scan of health departments doing this work nationally. The webinar concludes with a panel discussion featuring local health departments to hear successes and lessons learned from implementation.

Tags: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), Webinar,
Findings from the 2018 Health Department Environmental Scan

In June 2018, Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (Health & Medicine) and the Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative conducted an environmental scan of health departments across the country that are undertaking a systems change approach towards trauma-informed care. The scan identifies and analyzes common themes across these health departments. Findings will be used to better support health departments across the state of Illinois that are beginning or advancing their journey towards becoming trauma-informed.

Tags: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES),
Making the Connections: Understanding the Impact of the Opioid Epidemic and the Implications for our Work

In this webinar from the Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative, Dr. Carole Warshaw, of the National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma, and Mental Health, and Gwendolyn Packard of the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center discuss the intersection between opioid usage and intergenerational trauma.

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