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Consulting Services

Training, Capacity Building, and Continuing Education Services

Health & Medicine is dedicated to sharing knowledge and growing the capacity of people and organizations to improve health, reduce disparities, and advance equity.

We believe that together, we can shape a more just, equitable, and healthy Chicago. Our trainings help organizations respond to local and national policy change, ensure that the values of equity and justice are embedded in internal practices, and support organizations and communities to respond to emerging public health challenges, strengthening their ability to advocate on behalf of their sector, clients and patients. Rooted in the values of social justice and health equity, our training efforts help build stronger, more informed and effective organizations.

Our Expertise
Members of our regionally and nationally recognized staff, board, and consultants have decades of experience working to advance the sector’s focus on root causes of health inequities and health system innovation and transformation.

Our trainings, forums, and educational opportunities reach thousands each year including staff at hospitals and health systems, Federally Qualified Health Centers, policymakers, students, community-based organizations, and more. Trainings have included:

  • Workshops to Community Health Centers on the social determinants of health and structural inequities, demonstrating that a focus on the upstream causes of poor health outcomes can improve patient care.
  • Technical assistance for area hospitals to advance trauma-informed care including meeting with leadership on “Trauma 101” and incorporating these principles into strategic planning; developing baseline staff assessments; and conducting trainings for providers, administrative, and support staff.
  • Working with juvenile justice staff, from administrators to medical, mental health, corrections officers, and school personnel, on the safe treatment and support of LGBT youth.

Scheduling Training and Capacity Building Service for Your Organization
Health & Medicine collaborates with each partner to develop training materials and learning objectives that meet your organization’s specific needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation and see how our health policy and practice expertise can help strengthen your work. Sample presentations and training opportunities include:

  • Communicating for policy change to lead and advance social justice agendas
  • Incorporating health equity and understanding of the social determinants of health and structural inequities into policy and practice
  • Advancing trauma-informed care training, capacity building, and organizational change
  • Adoption and implementation of the BRIDGE Model of transitional care for older adults
  • Advancing pipeline and career ladders for emerging healthcare professionals and youth
  • Describing and identifying structural racism
  • Launching collaborative learning initiatives
  • Unpacking the local implications of federal health and related policy

Taking a broad public health approach, our trainings can support organizations beyond the traditional bounds of the healthcare system from restorative justice practitioners to the housing, education, and finance sectors and beyond.

Contact us at to learn more and schedule a consultation.