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Building a Healing-Centered Future: Uniting for Transformative Action

May 23, 2024

On May 23, 2024, the Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative commemorated Illinois’ sixth annual Trauma-Informed Awareness Day.  

Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton opened the event with keynote remarks and discussed her commitment to building a healing-centered Illinois.

“We know that hurt people hurt people,” she shared. “But each of us remains committed to this work because we also know that healed people heal people. We’ll keep doing this work, and we’ll do it together because we are committed to healing our communities and recognizing the healing that each of us needs. We need each other to walk this road of healing together.”

Following remarks from Lieutenant Governor Stratton and Kate McCormack, Director of the Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative, attendees heard from a panel of leaders from the community, city, county, and state. Gita Krishnaswamy, Health & Medicine Deputy Director, moderated the panel, who shared promising initiatives for fostering healing and resilience in our communities. 

Our panelists – Rosalia Salgado (Community Organizing and Family Issues), Kathy Calderon, LCPC (Chicago Department of Public Health), Kiran Joshi, MD (Cook County Department of Public Health), and Colleen Cicchetti, PhD (Center for Childhood Resilience) – underscored the need to address the structural drivers of trauma. They highlighted the importance of collaboration, coordination, and relationship-building to advance trauma-informed, healing-centered systems change.

As Illinois continues its journey to becoming a healing-centered state, we encourage you to reflect on the key takeaways from the event and consider how you can apply them in your organizations and communities. 

In addition to watching and sharing the webinar, we invite you to download and share our toolkit of educational resources, sample social media messages, and ideas to participate in Trauma-Informed Awareness Day. Let’s work together to foster resilience and well-being across Illinois communities.