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Meet Our 2023 Award Winners: Acclivus, Inc.

September 8, 2023

Health & Medicine’s Group Award recognizes that the sum of the whole is often greater than the individual parts and honors an organization or coalition that supports or enhances community self-determination and independence, focuses its work on any of the determinants of health, and has had an impact beyond the scope of its programs.

Acclivus, Inc., one of two Group Award winners, is a community health organization focused on improving the health and well-being of Chicago’s most vulnerable populations.

Using intentional social networks to serve individuals, primarily those from communities that are disproportionately impacted by compounding barriers to health and success, Acclivus provides resources and support to assist at-risk Chicago residents with personal and professional growth.

In collaboration with local stakeholders, Acclivus programs and services address trauma, decrease health disparities, reduce incarceration, enhance educational opportunities, and increase employment options for individuals, families, and their communities.

Acclivus is committed to supporting community health and well-being for Chicago area populations at risk for violence and other negative health outcomes.

They aim for each person to thrive and reach their full human potential—regardless of their past misdeeds, disappointments, or challenge—as they overcome social challenges including chronic exposure to violence and trauma, poverty, a criminal background, disproportionately high rates of serious health conditions, and limited formal education.

“Health & Medicine represents a strong public health leader in persistently challenging the institutional racism that perpetuates health disparities,” Sheila Regan, Chief Operating Officer of Acclivus, says. “As an organization led by grassroots leaders, we are honored to receive this award from an organization invested in community-driven solutions, dedicated to uplifting young leaders, and committed to paving the way for a healthier future.”

Join us on September 20, 2023, as we connect honor these local health justice advocates, enjoy food and refreshments from The Fat Shallot, and celebrate 42 years of working together to advance health equity.