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Fellows for Life Seed Grants

For more information about this program please contact:

Maya Bauer
Schweitzer Fellows Program Director mbauer@hmprg.org

Shajaya Martinez
Schweitzer Fellowship Program Coordinator smartinez@hmprg.org

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Fellows for Life Seed Grants

  • Overview


For the past several years, the Chicago Schweitzer Fellows Program has been able to offer seed grants to Fellows for Life interested in beginning, sustaining and/or building on innovative community projects that help underserved Chicago communities.

Apply for a 2022 Seed Grant by April 25, 2022!

Schweitzer Fellows for Life are invited to submit proposals for seed grants of up to $3,000 to create, sustain, or build upon a year-long project to help improve the health and well-being of an underserved Chicago community. 

The project should be direct service oriented and should involve an existing community-based organization. The Fellow for Life who is submitting the proposal must be directly and principally involved with the design, implementation, and reporting for the project.

  • Grants of up to $3,000 per proposal are available. Proposed projects must have a one year timeframe, and concretely describe goals, objectives, activities, measurable objectives and evaluation methods to be considered.
  • Proposals that involve interdisciplinary collaboration of health professionals (especially 2 or more Fellows for Life) are encouraged.
  • Chicago FFLs who currently reside in the Chicago area are eligible to apply. Schweitzer FFLs from other US-based programs or from Lambaréné who now live in the Chicago area are also eligible to apply.

Current Seed Grant Projects:

  • Amira Kefi (2020-2021 Fellow for Life): Amira will continue the work of her Schweitzer Fellowship year, implementing data-science classes and related lessons to currently and formerly incarcerated youth and adults. Amira and her team of volunteers will work on expanding opportunities to other JTDCs in the Chicago area and around Illinois. The programming will also address life and job preparedness for people exiting the carceral system.
  • Ryan Mak (2019-2020 Fellow For Life): Ryan will work with youth sports teams on Chicago’s West side in neighborhoods surrounded by gun violence to lead an incentivized training camp to promote physical fitness and keep youth engaged in supportive community environments
  • Elizabeth Rios (2019-2020 Fellow for Life): Elizabeth will work with at risk members of faith-based congregations in McHenry county with workshops to increase awareness on hypertension and its complications. At-risk members will be provided and taught about the proper use of a blood pressure machine to empower them to monitor their blood pressure readings
  • Pearl Ugwu-Dike (2020-2021 Fellow for Life): In partnership with BeAlright, Pearl will work with families seeking shelter from homelessness or domestic violence in the city of Chicago to develop a series of interactive workshops based in arts, yoga, and creative expression. The workshops will focus on developing movement and arts as conduits for expression as well as avenues of improving wellness, in addition to providing a safe space to explore artistic identity and build community.
  • Raheem Young (2015-2016 Fellow for Life): Raheem will help fathers of all ages cope with the pressures and stresses of fatherhood, providing them with a forum to discuss the ups and downs of their parenting journey with other men.