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Health & Medicine Issues Statement on Passage of ACA Repeal

May 04, 2017

Health & Medicine’s Executive Director Margie Schaps today released a statement on the passage of the American Health Care Act.

We at Health & Medicine stand in solidarity with the over 60% of Americans who believe that the government should be responsible for ensuring health coverage for all Americans.  We are horrified by the vote just taken in the U.S. House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act, thereby removing health coverage for 24 million people.  Removing essential benefits, limiting coverage for pre-existing conditions, further burdening the poor and middle class, this health plan will cost our society greatly.  The fundamental right to health care should be a bedrock of our society and efforts to erode it will not only be more costly in the long-term but are morally bankrupt.

Seeing the legislature unravel the ACA and these essential health services only makes us more resolute in our work for health equity.

Health & Medicine Urges CCHHS Board to take Leadership Role in Protecting Immigrants and other Marginalized Groups

May 03, 2017

On April 28, 2017 Health & Medicine’s Director of Health Equity, Wesley Epplin, testified before the Cook County Health & Hospitals Board in response to changes in immigration policies in the County providing recommendations on  issues System's leadership and staff should respond to in order to protect patients. An excerpt from his statement is available below and the full text can be viewed here.

Good morning.  I am Wesley Epplin and I serve as the Director of Health Equity at Health & Medicine Policy Research Group.  On behalf of Health & Medicine, I urge the Cook County Health and Hospital System Board and leadership to take swift action to protect access to the human right to healthcare and the safety of people seeking healthcare in your hospitals and clinics.  This fits well within this institution’s mission, which is, in part, “To deliver integrated health services with dignity and respect regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.”

In the shadow of increased threats from the Federal Government—with regard to the President’s verbal and written threats, statements of policy and intention, and changes in practice, especially of Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents—we urge action to provide greater real and perceived protection and safety for the patients in your clinics and hospitals.  

Health & Medicine is especially concerned about protecting all immigrants, including those with and without documents, and other marginalized groups, including LGBTQ people, Muslims, and people of color.  The increased threats and acts of oppression and violence from elected officials in the U.S. Government are focused on such marginalized groups.  An attack on any one of our people—and any community—is an attack on all of us.

New Online Resources Released to Support Health Workforce for Older Adults

Apr 25, 2017

Health & Medicine would like to announce two great resources recently made available online: CATCH-ON and ENGAGE-IL. Our own Chicago Area Health Education Center (AHEC) at Health & Medicine and Center for Long Term Care Reform have teamed up to help review and define these two programs as a way to increase access to learning and professional development opportunities for health professionals; promote health careers development to students; and enhance collaborative, community-based health promotion activities.
Chicago AHEC is committed to helping to recruit, support, and maintain a diverse workforce with a focus on underserved and underrepresented communities. Chicago AHEC’s participation in CATCH-ON builds on program goals of diversity, distribution, and practice transformation. In addition to these goals, CATCH-ON and ENGAGE-IL embody the mission of the Center of Long-Term Care: promoting a just system of long-term services and supports that enables people to live according to their own goals and values. Both Chicago AHEC and the Center for Long-Term Care Reform also participate in the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program.

CATCH-ON, which stands for Collaborative Action Team training for Community Health—Older adult Network, is a module-based program designed to “unify state-wide academic, health, and community organizations and resources to prepare a geriatric collaborative practice-ready health workforce optimizing health while serving and improving patient-centered health and wellness outcomes.” CATCH-ON provides universally accessible online modules for all learners (and all ages) with a focus on multiple chronic conditions (MCC) management especially those with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD).  The program itself uses real-life scenarios and continuing story lines to keep learners engaged; it also incorporates “checkups” that tests users on previously learned information. 

ENGAGE-IL is an “interprofessional community of learning and practice focused on improving the health of older adults.”  The program is offered to a multi-faceted group of learners including health professionals, students, older adults, and community partners serving older adults. The free Interprofessional Geriatric Training Program includes 32 modules on key topics related to the care of older adults.  Most of the modules are 30 minutes in length and include interactive films with narrators, infographics, and expert interviews.

Both programs offer free continuing education credits for medicine, pharmacy, occupational therapy, social work, and dentistry with the completion of the modules, assessment questions, and post-evaluation survey.  Additionally, they discuss the Bridge Model of Transitional Care which has its roots at both Health & Medicine and Rush University Medical Center.  This social-work based interdisciplinary intervention program exemplifies many of the lessons in the two programs.

Nominations Now Open for the 2017 HMPRG Awards

Apr 03, 2017

Nominations are now open for the 2017 HMPRG Awards! Honoring individuals and organizations across six categories, the awards celebrate those whose work exemplifies Health & Medicine’s mission to promote social justice and challenge inequities in health and health care.

The Awards are open to anyone - from health care professionals to volunteers, academics, advocates, and community members - whose ideas, vision, action, and activism have positively impacted health and health equity in our community. The broad award categories recognize the achievements of individuals at all stages of their public health careers including “emerging leaders” under 30.   

Nominations are due by June 1, 2017. To learn more or to nominate a health leader whose work inspires you, click HERE. A list of past Award winners is available here.