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Environmental Scan

  • Overview


2016 Environmental Scan

As recognition of the widespread impact of trauma increases, the desire to provide trauma-informed care is at the forefront of a movement to build resilience and prevent and mitigate the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Given the growing momentum for change and the need to bolster awareness of promising practices in trauma-informed care, the Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative researched over 300 programs to develop this Environmental Scan Report. The goal of the Scan was to uncover essential characteristics, promising practices, and obstacles for meaningful systems change towards trauma-informed care. Recommendations gleaned from our findings on how to integrate the science of ACEs and resiliency into program and organizational change efforts are also provided.

Click here to read the 2016 Environmental Scan Report.


2018 Environmental Scan
Augmenting our larger 2016 Environmental Scan, in 2018 we set out to offer a more in-depth snapshot of organizations working to address trauma. This report, based on an additional round of 27 interviews, included five organizations that were part of the original scan and 22 that had not been previously interviewed. As with the 2016 scan, efforts were made to include organizations representing a wide variety of sectors; those that were at different points along the implementation journey; large and small organizations; those who provide direct service; and those that are facilitators of trauma training.

Interviewees were asked to describe their organization’s journey towards trauma awareness and share how their organization is currently incorporating this awareness. They were also asked to discuss promising approaches and ingredients for success, as well as challenges and barriers. Finally, they were asked to share advice for others who were either starting out or in the midst of introducing trauma awareness and trauma-informed approaches and services into their organizations. Despite the diversity of organizations interviewed relative to discipline, size, geography, and depth of implementation, many common themes emerged.

Click here to read the 2018 Environmental Scan Report.

Findings from the 2018 Health Department Environmental Scan

In June 2018, Health & Medicine and the Collaborative conducted an environmental scan of health departments across the country that are undertaking a systems change approach towards trauma-informed care. The scan identifies and analyzes common themes across these health departments. Findings will be used to better support health departments across the state of Illinois that are beginning or advancing their journey towards becoming trauma-informed.

Click here to read the Health Department Environmental Scan Report.