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Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative

Trauma-Informed Transformation for Health Departments: Lessons from the Field

This webinar aimed at health department staff features presentations on current practices from Illinois health departments including Chicago and Winnebago County.

Tags: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), Webinar,
Treating Trauma & Reducing Poverty to Address Violence

Heartland Alliance's Social Impact Center 2017 Poverty Report explores the relationship between poverty, violence, and trauma and, through its findings, argues that addressing Illinois’s violence crisis must involve investing in reducing poverty and treating trauma. Webinar speakers Katie Buitrago and Samantha Tuttle of the Social Impact Center uplift data related to trauma as well as present policy recommendations based on the report.

Tags: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), Webinar,
Triple P: Helping Parents Become the Parents That They Are Meant To Be

Marjorie Fujara, MD, shares lessons learned from the recent implementation of an evidence-based parenting intervention, Triple P, as well as the importance of a broad based public awareness campaign on parenting.

Tags: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), Webinar,
Using a Mindfulness-Based Social Emotional Learning Program with K-2 Students, Teachers, and Parents in CPS

This webinar examines the intersection of trauma and the educational system. Dr. Amanda Moreno and Erikson Institute doctoral student Kandace Thomas present on features of the Calm Classroom K-2 project, a large randomized controlled trial of mindfulness and related strategies taking place in 30 high-poverty Chicago Public Schools.

Tags: ACA, Webinar,
Widening the Lens on ACEs: The Role of Community in Trauma, Resilience, and Thriving

An increasing number of organizations, institutions, and sectors are committing to responding to trauma and adverse childhood experiences to better support the people they employ and serve. As we think about how best to promote resilience and thriving, we need to zoom out beyond the individual and consider the role of community contexts and structural forces both in contributing to trauma and promoting healing. This report explore how the lens of community resilience can support community building initiatives and systems-level change that can prevent trauma, mitigate its impact, and interrupt its transmission from one generation to the next.

Tags: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES),